Gold ring and silver ring carefully handmade by tuscan jewelers

Ring Made in Florence – Ring Made in Italy

Florence Jewellery ONLINE.
If you like Ponte Vecchio jewels style but looking for something more from Florence here’s a great ring selection from Leonardleather And Gold. Pontevecchio is the traditional street full of jewellery shops where you can find gold but also silver and precious stones.
If you are looking for ring in Florence, please locate Leonardoleather and Gold for your reference in ring jewelers in Florence online.
Our online store ships ring made in Florence worldwide.
Everyone knows the jewellery gold and silver ring in Florence tradition. Leonardoleather and Gold has mastered the art of working ring with gold, silver and jewels has long traditions in Florence,
History of jewellery in Florence.
The jewellery shop in Florence used to be called ‘bottega orafa‘, in different suburbs of Florence and province, until the historical administration of the Medici family, in 1539 decided to move this important industry in a more centered area. The gold workers were assigned to work on the beautiful old bridge crossing the Arno river, Ponte Vecchio. Some of the traditional gold shops are in the same family in Florence since hundreds of years. The bridge is filled with tiny glittery gold and jewellery shops, that  often have their workshops situated nearby. You can choose if to have your gold ring or silver ring made in Florence from one of the shops on the bridge, or buy on our jewellery online shop on Leonardoleather and Gold.

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