This collection of handcrafted leather articles is dedicated to modern men who are attentive to detail, always on the go, but do not want to give up the exclusive comfort of a handmade product. Jackets, Business bags, wallets, belts are all handcrafted according to the ancient Tuscan tradition of leather processing. We produce our precious and unique leather goods by only using the highest quality of hides, manufacturing our products according to the well-seasoned expertise of our craftspeople.

Our collection of men's handcrafted leather goods is an integral part of the Made in Italy trademark, not only for the excellent quality of leather but also for the commitment and support to the Italian artisan tradition, such as tanning and processing the leather present in Tuscany. This is how exclusive men's leather goods are born, which are linked to the refinement of the past but suitable for everyday life, handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail.