For almost 50 years we have been working with passion, carefully producing and selecting the best products of Florentine craftsmanship, where quality and tradition combine with all our enthusiasm and the desire to keep up with the times.We only offer beautifully handcrafted products of excellence that are precious, unique objects obtained in full respect of the Tuscan tradition of leather processing, which is a limited and exclusive production supported with passion by the artisans who still work according to the traditions in Florence today.

The Made in Florence denomination is universally recognized as a symbol of excellence thanks to its high quality and exquisitely handmade items equally as unique as they are inimitable due to the fact that they are made in line with local ancient techniques preserved over centuries. Ancient techniques such as the one used for the creation of the "Florentine Leather Box", introduced in 1500 and still carried out today by our craftsmen. Thanks to this ancient knowledge, the famous Florentine leather boxes are obtained, sturdy and incredibly beautiful, like the one given as a wedding gift to Caterina dè Medici by the city's master leather craftsmen.
Leonardo Leather Works, since its foundation in 1973, has dedicated a significant part of its business to carrying on this ancient Florentine craft, nowadays more and more rare.
We are proud to say that all those who are looking for quality will find incomparable products in Florentine craftsmanship, with a unique and exclusive feature because True Luxury is Handmade in Florence.