Leonardo Leather & Gold

We have dedicated ourselves to maintaining the excellence of Florentine craftsmanship since 1973 with a strong passion and experience in the world of leather goods and jewellery.
We are guardians of an age-old knowledge and know-how that is characteristic to our land that we love to share with all lovers of Made in Italy products.
By purchasing a Leonardo Leather & Gold product, our experience as artisans will be at your disposal through our attentive and punctual customer care service and thanks to our practical video tutorials in which we will explain in a few simple steps how to solve problems related to your invaluable handicrafts. An example? Find out how to put back your puzzle ring or to shorten the belt you bought for someone that lost weight whilst you was away.
By following our advice, you will find out how to take care of and maintain handmade leather goods over time, and you will discover that they are practically eternal.