The Florentine goldsmith's art is a famous and recognized excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship. Expertly handed down over the centuries, it still offers sought-after and desired masterpieces all over the world for their unparalleled beauty and unique features.
Already in the Middle Ages Florence was a center of goldsmith craftsmanship, but it was during the Renaissance that this ancient craft found its maximum expression.

For centuries, in the workshops of Florence, those who practice this craftsmanship have been blending, engraving, piercing, and chiselling, with the same passion, ingenuity and creativity as always, typical of the famous Florentine genius. These skilful techniques not only allow you to create small masterpieces of jewellery but also aid in caring about the ancient tradition of Florentine leather decorated with gold, finely chiselled handicrafts that descend from prototypes that belonged to the historical noble families of Florence.
Consequently, our choice to combine leather goods with jewellery is because they are two of the major Florentine arts.
This is why wearing a handmade jewellery made unmistakably in line with Florentine craftsmanship is something precious, unique and exclusive.