Italian Leather Journal and Handmade Stationery

Get inspired by our fascinating leather stationary line. An entire collection of unique objects, handmade with genuine leather according to tradition. The craftsmanship of each object evokes echoes of the past and give a vibrant uniqueness to each goods. Style, quality, refined elegance and unique designs make our handmade leather stationery a real “must have”.
Italian Leather Journal, Leather Cover for Passport and other leather stationary goods are all handmade in Florence by expert craftsmen. Fascinating objects that smell of leather and tradition, ideal for business but also for leisure.
Our italian leather journal, such as the entire collection, are individually crafted by expert hands in our workshop. Useful and beautiful objects such as Printed Calfskin Journal or Leather Cover for Passport that will make your moments of leisure, your business meetings or your travels really stylish.