Leonardo Leather an Gold Florence


We have been creating unique handcrafted objects for 50 years, at the same time we keep on with our research on fashion and elegance, in order to offer an always contemporary style experience.

Let's celebrate Leonardo's 50th anniversary together!

Leonardo Leather an Gold Florence

The first time the name Leonardo Leather appeared was in GQ Magazine (Gentlemen's Quarterly), a successful debut! It was December 1973 and the date of April was reported as the opening date of the business.
April 1973, the same month in which the long playing The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd was released, while the film The Godfather made its debut in the cinema.

Leonardo Leather an Gold Florence

April has always been a very important month in Florentine history: in April 1216 the population was divided into Guelphs and Ghibellines, in 1452 Leonardo da Vinci was born and in 1478 the Pazzi conspiracy (April's Blood) took place. During this revolt Giuliano de' Medici lost his life and Lorenzo the Magnificent was wounded.
April 1973 - Leonardo Leather, under the guidance of Paolo and Miù Fortini, begins its adventure, bringing originality and value to the tradition of leather craftsmanship.

Leonardo Leather an Gold Florence

Pursuing the objective of innovating while enhancing tradition, we recognized the concept of Made in Florence as a synonym of the highest quality.
We registered our brand and renovated our store, to offer guests an engaging and immersive experience.
The logo was revisited and so was the packaging, to strengthen the brand identity.
These were the years in which Facebook and then Instagram were born, the same years in which many of us approach these digital squares for the first time.
An opportunity that even Leonardo Leather does not miss, inaugurating its social networks in 2013.

Leonardo Leather an Gold Florence

Today. The 50th anniversary year of Leonardo Leather & Gold, the same year in which we launch MYO, the Leather Crafting Experience and workshop that allows anyone to create, under professional guidance, a tailored precious object of small leather goods. We have begun to write the future of craftsmanship, our future, which passes from the personalization of objects to represents one's style.

To celebrate the 50 anniversary, we have created some special products!

They will be produced in limited series and dedicated to our most loyal customers.

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