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Florentine Leather Box
by Leonardo Leather and Gold.

Proudly made in Florence, Italy.

Leonardo solid leather box is a perfect example of Italian manufacturing and tradition of handcraft leather boxes and eye-glass cases, with a pure elegance made in Florence.

it is not until the mid 1500’s that this same technique was introduced for the production of practical daily use items. the solidity of this material made it suitable to hold various objects, infact with a padded lining the case become perfect to hold the most delicate and fragile objects or leaving it rough inside can be used for all sort of table games or stationery or whatever you choose.

the story goes that when in 1533 Caterina of the medici married the king of France henry ii, the jewelry that she brought as her dowry was contained in leather cases of this sort, presents of the florentine leather masters so that she would not forget her city as long as she lived. this is what nowadays is called simply the “florentine solid leather box” and we can well say that it represents a precious heritage that we cannot and we do not want to loose. unfortunately this unique craft has nowadays nearly disappeared due to the great mass-production which has invaded the market, and as a consequence, in the whole of florence, there are few craftmen left that produce this fascinating item.

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